something opened up for me maybe it's because i am getting older past that mid-century point perhaps it is because the world feels so different than my memorie or perhaps it is the celebration of my mother's birthday but i find myself thinking of home and family and this has engulfed me it is a [...]

So have you seen it, Twitter’s new layout? Check out the Ford Motor Company’s twitter: That’s a definite OH Baby! So what does that mean to you? Well for starters your old background is about to become obsolete. If that doesn’t worry you then think about this… When it comes to first impressions the [...]


I offer an apology to all those editors that will want to add punctuation and capitalization to my words... I don't think that way... I think in run-on sentences... so close your eyes to those things that make you crazy and just hear the words...   Am I good enough Am I speaking from a [...]

  Pinterest is the 4th largest traffic driver. It's a POWERHOUSE! People spend more money on things they found on Pinterest then they do on Facebook and Twitter combined. No words but word of mouth... photos that evoke emotions... always changing... When people connect with an emotion they MUST act even if that act is [...]

That's a reasonable question with no easy answer. You're not really investing in "website" - you're buying passion! Yes it sounds.. well it sounds romantic... The truth is that when you work with me you get my expertise and ability to find that trigger that elicits a passionate response that lights up the very being of [...]

A Dreammaker is Story telling by design So here is my story... I did not come from a rich family. There was no silver spoon put in my mouth - no trust fund, no car at 18. My parents worked hard to give me and my brothers and sister a solid middle class-have-enough-and-a-bit-more life.  I [...]


Tell me your story. Paint me a picture that makes my soul sing. Make me feel that connection so I will leave my comfortable life and journey forth with you. Make your words resonate so strongly in me that they can not be ignored. Show me that even though I may struggle on the way [...]