Tell me your story.
Paint me a picture that makes my soul sing.

Make me feel that connection
so I will leave my comfortable life
and journey forth with you.
Make your words resonate so strongly in me
that they can not be ignored.

Show me that even though I may struggle
on the way to my happily-ever-after
that it is NOT in vain
for we both know that
all greatness comes from never giving up on the dream!
~francine vallone


I think in short breaths, like poetry. But my stories come out in great bursts of emotion or slow and meandering like a lazy river. I love telling the story of people, places and things and it seems I am not alone. This seems to be the year of stories. Coaches, gurus, business executives are using the term as if it were a new discover. It is hip to say my work tells a story. But story telling is as old as the earth. It is neither new or old. The difference is that instead of hard core bore the pants off of people with facts and figures so I sound important jargon, people are going back to being real.

Of course Apple is considered the one credited for this type of marketing strategy. But then Apple is given credit for a great many things to do with image.

The reality is this – engage your audience with a story that strikes a cord deep inside of them weather it is rebellion, like Apple did, or hometown simpler life like Motel 6 advertising has done, or a promise of clean simplicity as show by Progressive Insurance.  Those kinds of connections turn readers into advocates. And advocates drive traffic and traffic, if used wisely, makes sales…


If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” ~Terry Pratchet

So, the question becomes,what story will you share?


I am interested in your story. Take a minute and share your journey. I will be looking for unique stories and people to interview for my new podcast Dreams Are Made of These. Who knows maybe you’ll be my special guest.

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And in the words of Josiah Gilbert Holland “The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on.” Feed yours well.