I offer an apology to all those editors that will want to add punctuation and capitalization to my words…
I don’t think that way…
I think in run-on sentences… so close your eyes to those things that make you crazy and just hear the words…


I know together we can figure it out!

Am I good enough
Am I speaking from a place of truth
Is this my path
am I helping others and giving back

for that last one I can say YES
very loudly
I give back to the point of losing myself
but do I do it to mask my insecurities

The cure for self-doubt is not success.
the cure for doubt is  gratitude

I find myself craving quiet
wanting to nurture the little voice inside me that needed to find peace and answers
and as in any time that you ask GOD, the universe, whoever or whatever deity you pray to, I was presented with things to look into

and although there were not concrete answers to quell the type A personality that resides in me and rears its head when there are no answers
it was one of those moments when everything came together

here are the things I was presented with
when I needed them most
they were posts on Facebook
why a page from a preacher would come up on my list of recommendations is beyond me.

But there she was
and I went to her site and watched the videos
they were powerful
but they didn’t reach me
what touched me deeply was just the words
the title of her book
You Can Begin Again by Joyce Meyer

Then  like tumbling dominos
The next thing materialized…
Not on Facebook but in my inbox…/

I tuned into Danielle LaPorte’s youtube video The Desire Map: Goals with Soul Workshop

it too was powerful
but I found myself listening
but not fully engaged
she talked about lost identity
how she had lost hers
how she had spent 6 months in the same pajamas because of it

Then all the You Can Begin Again
You make a difference
Your reality today might not be the same as in 6months or a year from now
began to grow and fill me and take away that self doubt of being good enough.

I am good enough
I will always have doubts
I will always strive for
hunger for

not only from me
but from those that I surround myself with

That is what I am here on this earth
to show that mediocrity kills beauty
causes shallow breathing and shallow living

I am here to remind myself and others that it is ok to not have all the answers
because we can’t
they say it takes a village to raise a child
well it takes more than just you to grow a vision that resonates in others

I know that together we can figure it out!