What Do You Do?

I get asked that question a lot.

I should have an elevator pitch for that. But I think what sums me up best is this: I am an Outsider.

Some people call them Thought Leaders, or story tellers, but those are just pieces to the puzzle… An Outsider brings clarity across all parts of the YOU, regardless if the YOU is a boutique business, a writer, poet, artist, photographer, dog walker or small corporation.

An outsider sees opportunity, they can hone in on the things that aren’t working and offer solutions, provide insight and direction. And they can do this BECAUSE they are OUTSIDE.

Think about it.  When your friend comes to you with relationship issues you offer advice, solutions, and insights they can’t see – you have this separation that brings clarity. There you go, in that situation you’re an OUTSIDER too.

Well, that is what I do, I see with fresh eyes the things that need to be done in order to bring  clarity.

My life and business experiences give me an advantage over others, because I still have the heart and soul that is constantly curious, making it easy for me to come into your realm and see it from the gut-reaction of your potential customer.

And because I can see that first impression I can capture and transform that feeling into the clear and simple idea-driven content including: articles, blog posts, artwork, photograph, audio and video, a total campaign,  hone in on your core values  and create a design driven business story that creates positive associations, builds a brand, and touches your customer in ways that makes them want more.

And that MORE is your opportunity. I can show you how to  repurpose your products, services, and ideas in ways that forge new growth opportunities.