A Dreammaker is Story telling by design

So here is my story…

I did not come from a rich family. There was no silver spoon put in my mouth – no trust fund, no car at 18. My parents worked hard to give me and my brothers and sister a solid middle class-have-enough-and-a-bit-more life.  I am a 2nd generation America, of Italian and Hungarian stock. And I am fiercely proud of that. It resonates old world values, history and passion for life. It immediately conjures images of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, conquered for a new life.

I grew up believing that someone how fame would fine me – and  I would go on to some unforeseen glory, helping millions and making, not only a mark, but a contribution.

Throughout my life I have tried many things.

I wrote empowered female prose but was discouraged by others as it was not romance, or chic lit, it was not easily digestible… I went to art school in NYC and studied to be an illustrator but did not pursue it when the agents thought my work to hard edged, gritty for a woman to have created, I ran an ad agency and a software training company. I created passionate audio stories and book covers, I designed web sites and wordpress blogs… I ran an internet radio station, rescued dogs, and had a dog cookie company. In other words I was exploring life paths and building experiences that finally answered the IAM question….

All that I have done in life.. those are not failures. It was me exploring life paths and building experiences ….

So here is mine I AM Statement:

I AM one that sees beauty and power and wonder in others that is hidden or invisible. I Am someone that can put others on their rightful path, take away some of the obstacles and give them grounding, strength and hope.

It has taken me 30 years to not blush or winch at that statement. It has taken me 30 years to accept it.

30 years is a long time to journey for answers. But the wonderful thing is, is that other can learn from my journey. Because of what I see and what I know, because of the life I have lived, I can see your gifts, your power, and I can show you how you can empower others through your talents.