Your TRUE HOURLY RATE is based on the fact that you have to do it all, be it all. You answer the emails, answer the calls, provide the information, invoice, you update the blog, you interact on social media, you do a lot of STUFF before you can settle into the day of doing the work that pays. It is estimated that your field is only able to dedicate 1/3 of their work day towards projects that pay. That is 2.6 hours out of an 8 hour day.

In order to know how much those necessary tasks of invoicing, answering calls, giving information, updating the website, interacting on social media, composing letter, newsletters, and press releases can cost you just fill out the True Hour Rate form below. Nothing is saved, this is for your eyes only!


Using a base target income of $300000

working 220 (8 hour days)

with a productivity rate of 30%

you would  have a true hourly rate of $511.36/hr

If you took that same  target income, $300000 and divided it by the same 220 (8 hour days)  you would have an hourly rate of $170.45.

Now maybe you can see how a virtual assistant could help you work smarter, not harder!

Why don’t you take a look at your true hourly rate!



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