So have you seen it, Twitter’s new layout? Check out the Ford Motor Company’s twitter: That’s a definite OH Baby!

So what does that mean to you?

Well for starters your old background is about to become obsolete.

If that doesn’t worry you then think about this… When it comes to first impressions the new layout is awesome with an impressive/expansive space to show off your talents…. We’re talking 1500px by 500px!!!!

So how do you get the new layout? Well you have to wait. Twitter started rolling it out in February to celebrities and new accounts. But they are going to get to the rest of us soon.  When they do, there probably wont be much of a warning, just one day you have your usual screen then Poof it will be gone… and  a BIG GLARING Hole where artwork for your Twitter Cover is suppose to be will be staring you in the face.

To help you avoid an embarrassing moment I am offering the

Twitter BIGGER IS BETTER Update Graphic

Order your brand new Twitter Cover for just $37 (regular price is $97).

This is a limited time offer!


The graphic goes to paypal. When I receive confirmation from paypal I will contact you to talk about the image your want to project..  If you want to talk to me first click here.