15% of the world’s population have severe lifestyle limiting disabilities!

According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people in the world have a disability severe enough that it limits their participation in family, community and political life.  That is one out of every 7 people!

People with disabilities have the same general health care needs as others but according to WHO they are “two times more likely to find health care providers skills and facilities inadequate, three times more likely to be denied health care and four times more like to be treated badly in the health care system.” 

WHO goes on to explain that over 200 million people need glasses or other low-vision devices and not have the access to them, 70 million need a wheelchair with only 5 to 15 percent having access to one and 360 million people have hearing loss only 10 percent being able to receive the hearing aids they need.”

It is the opinion of Light4Soul that in this day and age of MedTech advances there also need to be a humanitarian and legislative push to help these people in need by removing physical barriers to health facilities, information and equipment, making health care affordable, training all health care workers in disability issues including rights and investing in specific services such as rehabilitation.