It’s much easier to let others say these things.



I had the opportunity to work with Francine on a rather complex task.  I was a new CEO and putting together my first update for the Board Of Directors.  The company had been in business for years but had invested in any aspects of commercialization and therefore there were marketing messages, no customer outcomes, no value propositions and certainly no compelling  message that described what the company did .

While I was working through this I found that I needed special support for graphics.  This was a rush assignment and after a few short calls with me Francine delivered an updated deck including a new graphic that was much more clinically relevant and memorable.  Francine worked through the weekend to ensure that this material was available for our BoD.

Francine’s experience and expertise, as well as her professionalism, was very helpful at a very critical time.

Janet Dillione

Bernoulli, CEO

Francine’s initial directive was to completely refresh/redesign our flagship B2B brand website.  This project became more complex as we added a store and funeral home portal for ordering.  Because our brand is swiftly growing, we also assigned her to fully develop two other sites.  Both sites were completed to our specifications for integration into our business model. The site is now a platform for our operational growth into Asia.

We have been under great pressure and deadlines due to launch dates, and Francine worked to overcome any obstacles with not only solutions, but putting forth the extra effort to “make it happen.”  I have been involved with several B2B and C2B website developments and I can unequivocally state that Francine Trendler is among the best in her field.  She is reliable, provides necessary advice for decision making, and works tirelessly for job completion.

I am willing to speak on her behalf to whoever is necessary as I am one of her staunchest advocates.

Jeff Harbeson

CGLabs, Former President

I have worked with Francine Trendler for nearly 20 years. She has designed a number of websites for me at The Creative Factory.

She is always professional and her work is top-notch. Deadlines are always met. Her pricing is very reasonable, especially given the research she does to make sure the correct message is being communicated and search engine optimization is optimal.

Ann Cason

The Creative Factory, CEO

I am overwhelmed. The team produced a website that I am sure would have cost me much more than it did. It is more than I hoped I would get. And exactly want I wanted.

Becky C

Dance Studio Owner

“Highly innovative and imaginative, in the best possible way. ~

Fran always gives her utmost to each assignment, and her decades of hands-on experience, conjunct with her impeccable training, allow for always outstanding results.

Her fees are eminently reasonable and are in fact a bargain given her unwavering professionalism. Her designs reveal an unerring eye, polish, and sophistication.  She treats all of her clients with equanimity and has the patience of a saint.

Where others do the minimum and don’t share their expertise, Francine shares her immense knowledge of how the web works and seeks to gently inform her clients as to the best applications for their wishes. This ensures that they get superior web-based results from their investment. She is generous to a fault!

In short, Francine Trendler is extraordinary not just for her stellar design skills, but also for genuinely caring about her many grateful clients.

Shaun Darius

poet, photographer, Art Consultant and Creativity Expert

When you work with a company you want to know that they are listening. The owner, Francine, will let you know if your ideas aren’t strong enough. Yeah, she’ll tell you, in no uncertain terms. I like that!


private venture ceo

When you work with Francine you know she is putting the attention into your project as if she had stock in the company.

Lou Esposito


They did a fantastic job designing a plan of action that told my story. They really came through with bringing my vision to life and made me feel great. A big boost to morale!

Ben Coleman