type 1 diabetes

Millions of children and adults around the globe have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Complications are serious and can result in not only damage to nerves and organs but can result in death. But can you imagine a day when those whose pancreas have an inability to produce insulin or very little of it can be treated with their own cells as medicine.

Semma Therapeutics, Inc. “pioneers the new treatment paradigm of using cells as medicine. Semma’s new class of regenerative medicine therapies couples its breakthrough stem cell technologies with proprietary delivery systems designed to protect cells from the immune system.”

And just this week, Semma published in Nature, the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal, that they, in collaboration with Harvard University researchers, have successfully made improvements in the production of insulin producing cells by using stem cells.  In the article Semma states that they have improved the process so they can increase the proportion of insulin producing cells from 30% to 80%.  This is significant and shows that stem cells can be converted to functional insulin producing cells (called beta cells). 

To learn more please go to Sema’s website at http://www.semma-tx.com/media1/semma-therapeutics-announces-publication-in-nature-demonstrating-advancements-in-regenerative-cell-therapy-for-type-1-diabetes