Captain Kirk Boldly goes into the CryptoWorld, blockchain

We all know what Actor William Shatner did for Priceline.  Well now in his second push in the crypto field he may do the same for blockchain that he did for the well-known online travel site.  And informed people are saying blockchain may soon become a household word that will change the Internet.

So what is blockchain? Blockchain is a list of records called blocks.  Each block is linked using cryptography.  Information can be distributed but it cannot be copied.  And although it was originally used for Bitcoins it is now expanding its uses.

Enter William Shatner stage left.  Shatner has partnered with Mattereum to fight collectibles fraud.  Mattereum is headed by Vinay Gupta is a leading figure in the blockchain space having co-ordinated the release of the blockchain platform Ethereum in July 2015.

Mattereum is establishing an authentication system so you can find out if your collectible is valuable or a cheap knock-off.  Just think – you want to buy what someone says is a priceless art piece or an original collectible toy but you are seeing it online and wondering if it is the real thing.  Well, soon you will be able to evaluate that online and make an informed decision.  This is a game changer for such industries as the art, sports, and celebrity market. And check out these numbers.  A leading market research company said when they did research back in 2012 they found that the toy and model collectible field alone was in the billions.  More specifically, the NDP Group said in the United States the toy and model collectible market brought in $23 billion.  BILLION.  Now apply this to other collectible markets throughout the world and you get a better picture to how important this authentication system will be and why we, with the help of Captain Kirk, will be hearing more about blockchain in the near future.