Epic UGM draws close to 20000 attendees.

The event provides a forum for valuable discussion and networking.

The conference theme was Through the Looking Glass. Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment and costumes were everywhere. CEO Judy Faulkner dressed as the mad hatter and the main auditorium was decorated with miniature tea pavilions, halls of mirrors, and rabbit-hole recreations.

The Challenge

To connect with conference go-ers at Epic’s Through the Looking Glass theme conference.

To take up little to no space

To provide a fun way to interact, connect, and provide follow up.

Be part of the theme.

The decision to tie their booth into the theme of the event was last minute. Lead time was under 3 weeks. Budget for this event was low.

The Solution

The theme of the conference lent itself selfies.

We designed a display incorporating Alice, The Madhatter, and the White Rabbit as a FACE in the HOLE photo op.

The Results

The Face in the Hole photo op was a fun conversation starter that gave our client an opportunity to take photos of the attendees, gather email and phone numbers, and arrange future conversations.


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