Holistic, Authentic 

You must be that

that captures the SOUL

the imagination

and your rightful place

in the world!

Soul Good


the right audience

in a relevant way.

Holistic Authentic Branding & design

It is influencing how people think and feel. It influences how much pleasure we feel from the product. It affects the long-term attitude about products and even people. It is more than first impressions… it is a  bond with the user.



Authentic Branding has a resonance.


You know who you are.

Your brand has practical real-world and monetary ramifications. Perceived values dominate as design is used to overwhelmingly convey a mission, purpose, cause.

The Light4Soul team thrives on projects that help organizations articulate their missions, share their messages, and attract new clients. It is our job, as your partner in YOUR BRAND MAKING, to define the feeling and visual communication that has, and gives, real experience and meaning to those you want to attract.


Let’s set up a call & talk about…

What you want to accomplish

Where you are experiencing friction

How we can to help you achieve your objectives

5 + 10 =


Run by creatives…  passionate about brand strategies.. we’re more than a 1 trick pony. Contact us and see how we can change your world.

Located in New York & Tennessee