Harmonie Lewis to Judge for MedTech Visionaries Awards

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. – Sept. 3, 2019 — MedTech Visionaries Awards, that honors the leaders, businesses, and individuals in the hospital setting, startup, mental health and established business sectors that create better technology, procedures, and platforms that benefit society is unveiling its prestigious judges for this event. Harmonie Lewis is the first judge to be highlighted.

Ms. Lewis has over 10 years in the sales field, primarily focused on the medical device and pharm sectors, Harmonie Lewis is a savvy individual with a keen mind for what motivates B2B and B2C representatives to act. Her career in creating marketing campaigns and lead/prospect opportunities has led her to be a key liaison to hospitals and other businesses in the MedTech field – all of which have come to rely on her for exacting information that mark decisive next steps for achieving their goals. Ms. Lewis states that she is proud to be a judge because “the field of MedTech is growing faster then anyone could have expected and teams of leaders from coding to engineering to sales and marketing are working diligently to keep up with technology to provide the highest level of benefit to society be it in medical devices, AI, IoT, apps or another related field. I believe it is fitting that there is such an award recognition program that evens the playing field for both startups and established corporations to earn the acknowledgment that the MedTech Visionaries Awards is designed to do with its online event.”

MedTech Visionaries is proud to have Ms. Lewis as one of its judges who will be reviewing entries in AI & IoT, Telehealth/Telemed Solution, Medical Device, Clinical Surveillance & Smart Alarms, Leading Experts in Furtherance of MedTech Excellence, EHR, Device Interoperability, Investors, Security, Apps & Software, and the Best Company, Software or Solution. All winners will be interviewed for an article in the Vallone Report’s “Best in the Industry” magazine which is perfect for sales, trade shows or bragging rights, a video interview on Vallone Report website that can link to the company’s website, a digital award logo for royalty-free use online and in print, a MedTech Visionaries Award-issued press release announcing the winners and recognition on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

Entries for this award are open to all globally. Enter online at medtechvisionaries.com

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Lisa O’Keefe