Light4Soul is a partnership between sisters. We have traveled the world and applied our creativity and experience to build better brands for businesses that make the world a better place to be and products and services that can be trusted.

FR Trendler

CDO/Visual Strategist at light4soul

My name is Fran Trendler and I am excited to get an opportunity to speak to you about topics that can empower you and move your business forward. I am the founder of Light4Soul, a 100% woman-owned company that builds better brands and strong connections.

In my world, authenticity, the story, trust, and daring to step out of your comfort zone are key.

I have worked with poets and authors, emerging and established MedTech companies, and  Fortune 100 companies. Let me share my story and the lessons I have learned along the way. Learn about my successes and failures, and how they have helped me become who I am today.

Lisa O'Keefe

Left Brain Marketing

Hi, I am Lisa O’Keefe my life has centered on communications and making the complex simple to understand.   

As Left Brain marketing it should not be a surprise that I have several certifications in Project Management, Coding, Public Speaking, and key player and author of select articles for emerging and established companies in the not-for-profit, environmental, MedTech, and gaming/software industries.  I am very proud of my most recent certification from BridgingApps, a program from Easter Seals Houston, that provides the access, education, and resources needed to effectively use mobile, touch-based devices to help people with disabilities communicate, exceed educational goals, and reach their fullest potential. Low cost commercially available mobile devices have allowed people with disabilities to leverage the power of technology to help them improve skills and become more independent.

This certification was a must for me as throughout my career I remain diligently committed to gaining the skills of emerging technology that will enhance my ability to present material that addresses the diverse learner so they are able to readily assess and embrace content as easily as all other users.

Experience on a mission to change the world for the better.

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