While businesses, maybe even yours, were sharing selfies, boring photos of conferences, and photos of their food, the world changed on them.

Technology has fast-forwarded to the age of the JETSONs causing people to want real information but in bite-size pieces… a connection but from the comfort of their home…. And an understanding of their concerns that makes them feel warm and fuzzy. PLUS they want it NOW!

Why the unrealistic expectations?

The answer is simple.

They are comparing you to,  not only every other business in your field, but to, the Netflixes and Amazons where entertainment is instantaneous… To their bank where they can talk to a human anytime day or night… Or grub hub where something wonderfully delicious arrives at their doorstep.

They want from you what they get everywhere else.

But what they get when they go looking for you is  the SAME-oh-SAME-Oh

I mean it, just look around…

Click after click of websites built the same way broadcasting a hero message

Page after page of ads with messages that say less than nothing.

Brochures, catalogs, annual reports, remove the logo and can you tell them apart?

You’re leaving potential clients confused and frustrated and it is only going to get worse if you do nothing.

Yes, Change can be hard.

But this isn’t the summer of love. The answer doesn’t lay in going out and finding yourself…

The answer requires you to look inward and state, loudly, clearly what you stand for.

In simpler terms:

  1. Announce what you are and who you want to work with.
  2. Get them asking about you
  3. Reach out and get them talking to you
  4. Make promises and keep them, or better yet, go above and beyond and wow them 
  5. Get them talking about you

That is how to change the same-oh-same-oh. That is how you walk through the valley of death to the other side and thrive.

This is just a question. But it is really important. 

If the only thing a client saw was your logo would they know what you stood for?

Would they know what services or products you offered?