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Good is not good enough. You have to project confidence, financial acumen, stability and trust.

You have an incredible plan, amazing contacts, and forward-thinking ideas. You’re invested in making it work. Don’t just put a website and logo on your to do list.

You owe it to your business to continue your due diligence on creating your authentic brand identity.

There are 644,275,754 websites online and if yours doesn’t speak to your core mission how will it ever reflect your purpose, stand out from the crowd, and thrive?

Redefining your brand is more than creating a new website. You need a professional who can come to the table, listen, brainstorm, ask the right and sometimes hard questions, and take those answers, those conversations and turn then into a finely honed story.

For small businesses, it is important to not only define your brand voice but also how you fit in the community.

We thrive on projects like this that help businesses like yours articulate their missions, share their messages, and attract new visitors, because what you do and how you present yourself/your business reflects the businesses around you. 

Holistic Authentic Branding & Design

To thine own self be true might sound cliche but it is the essence of your authenticity that connects you and your business with the ideal clients. It all starts with a conversation, hard questions being asked and answered and the story of your brand fleshed out before we bring all those answers and craft them into a powerful unified look and feel. Your brand will eliminate any confusion on who you are. Your mission and purpose will be clear to clients, customers, and investors. You have but one brand, promote it effectively and responsibly. Continue Reading


To quote Forbes “your brand is not a stagnant piece of paper.  Video does what text cannot.”  It is the impact of visual design brought to moving images. 69% of consumers researched said video increases their desire to purchase a product on a website.  Companies that incorporate video growing revenue 49% faster than companies that don’t utilize video.  We have a team of video producers and editors skilled in traditional storytelling as well as AE and animation.

Pitch Decks & Presentations

According to NYU’s 7 Eleven rule, people make 11 decisions about us in the first 7 seconds of contact.  This makes the design as important as the content the presentation contains.  Blending good designs with the essential information needed to close the deal is an art. It takes a true storyteller to create a presentation that motivates others to act.  Our staff of authors and award-winning graphic artists will ensure the first 7 seconds of contact will be the positive catalyst that will carry you through your presentation and call for action.

Collateral Material

Design, design, design. Our graphic artists and story tellers have literally created thousands of effective collateral material for businesses in different sectors and yet have each with their own unique design and feel. You aren’t a number. You are unique! We help you to stand out from the cookie cutter businesses out there to effectively and concisely communicate the key points of your business, product or service. Whether it is brochures, sales slicks, flyers or more we make sure you are noticed in a visually exciting and persuasive approach.

Entrepreneur magazine calls ‘events’ the ‘rocket fuel for business growth’ and we cannot agree more.  We have held events both nationally and Internationally and found that it is the optimal way to wow customers with your offerings,  launch a new product, and solidify relations.  And it provides an effective avenue for generating press releases that get noticed.  But there are so many pieces to an event puzzle from logistics to launch.  We have the expertise to get this done.  Click here.


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